What is Lumineux Uno?
Lumineux Uno is new age precious metal, which consists of gold, platinum, palladium and silver.
What is the original colour of Lumineux Uno?
Lumineux Uno has a lustrous white colour, almost like the colour of platinum.
What is the purity of this metal?
Lumineux Uno is an amalgamation of gold, platinum, palladium and silver. The metal is 95.5% fine.
Will Lumineux Uno tarnish?
The metal is tarnish retardant.
What is the hardness of Lumineux Uno in comparison to 18kt gold?
Lumineux Uno is similar to 18kt gold in terms of hardness.
What is the melting point of Lumineux Uno?
Lumineux Uno has a melting point of 1000 ° Centigrade.
How can one differentiate between silver and Lumineux Uno?
There is a significant difference in weight between the two metals. Lumineux Uno is heavier and harder than silver.
Can this metal be reused post casting?
Yes, by adding some amount of new metal to the old metal it can be reused post casting.
Does the metal leave dust (like gold dust) during manufacturing? Can this be collected and used?
Yes, the dust can be collected and used by adding fresh Lumineux Uno to it.
Is Lumineux Uno heavier or lighter as compared to gold?
Lumineux Uno is lighter than gold.
What will be the deduction on price, if I return Lumineux Uno?
The metal will be returned against the current buy back rate (rates are on the website).
What will be the deduction, if I return Jewellery made in Lumineux Uno ?
On returning jewellery made in Lumineux Uno, you will get compensated as per the buy back value of the metal of that day.
Can this metal be plated? If yes, how is the plating bond?
Yes, this metal is suitable for plating with gold/rose gold/rhodium which are suitable for regular jewellery manufacturing. Also as there is a strong bond and affinity in plating, it produces an equal and lustrous shine.
Does this metal have porosity post casting?
No, in fact this metal has a strong strength & hardness to sustain polishing, so it produces a very smooth surface like platinum.
How will you publish the daily rates of your metal, will it be availabe at an alternate site/established website as well?
The rates will be published on our Lumineux Uno website only
When I buy metal from an authorised centre, what form will it be supplied in?
The plain metal is available either as bars or grains.
What taxes will be applicable on this jewellery?
This jewellery will be taxed in the same manner as other precious metal jewellery.
What kind of solder will be used in Jewellery making?
Special Lumineux Uno solder will be used for Jewellery making, which can be ordered along with the metal.
Can the existing moulds used for gold & silver be used for Lumineux as well, and vice versa?
Yes, one can use the same moulds for gold & silver as well as for Lumineux Uno.
Is the Lumineux Uno jewellery crafted using the same machines as those used for gold & silver jewellery manufacturing?
Yes, the machinery used for Lumineux Uno jewellery is the same as the machinery used for gold and silver jewellery.
What is the life of the plating used in Lumineux Uno jewellery? Is it different for gold and silver, the various colours and types of gold, studded and non-studded jewellery, etc ?
The life of the plating depends largely upon the types of plating & microns used. We recommend 3 microns, for a life of 5 years in regular wear & tear. If the jewellery is worn occasionally, the plating may last upto 10 years.
What kind of hallmark/sign/logo/mark should I look for to make sure that the Lumineux Uno products are genuine?
All products in the Lumineux Uno metal will have the ‘u-logo-custom 955’ mark to signify their genuineness.