Lumineux Uno is a new metal created by Unolux Metallo Valenza S.R.L., after years of careful research and development. It is a unique alloy formed from the amalgamation of four precious metals i.e. gold, platinum, palladium and silver.

Lumineux Uno is launched in India for the first time and is available in the form of bars and coins, besides being used in jewellery. The primary colour of the metal is white, though it is also available in plated yellow and rose gold.

With gold, silver and platinum displaying wide price fluctuations, small investors have been looking for more stable and long term investment options. Jewellery lovers too yearn for a metal that shines brighter, lasts longer and is more afforable. Lumineux Uno is that new metal, a product that promises to be the next big thing. Its prices will be more moderated and volatility will be significantly reduced!

The ideal product for investors, and the perfect choice for jewellery lovers.

Clearly,a Metal of the New Age.